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Winter tyres aren't just for snow and ice

Whenever the temperature drops below 7°C, a set of Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres will provide better grip than original equipment summer tyres. That's because the natural rubber compound stays more malleable at lower temperatures, significantly improving grip and traction in typical British winter conditions. Winter tyres also have an average of 1,500 sipes – the tiny lateral grooves that grip the road by biting into snow and ice, as well as dispersing rainwater. By comparison, the average summer tyre has only 200 sipes. That's why Jaguar Approved Winter Tyres can deliver a 59% shorter braking distance in winter conditions than summer tyres.

Choosing the right winter tyre for your Jaguar

Not every winter tyre is right for your Jaguar; Jaguar's engineers work closely with specific tyre manufacturers to develop compounds, speed and weight ratings to give the best possible performance and wear characteristics.