Free Jaguar Vehicle Health Check in Leicester

If you have recently purchased a new Jaguar we would like to invite you to have a FREE of charge Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC) at Sturgess Jaguar.

Whether you purchased your vehicle from Sturgess or from an alternative dealership, we can carry out a full health check on your Jaguar.

All vehicles that come into our service department for service or repair will also have a free vehicle health check carried out so that we can identify any areas that may need your attention. As part of the EVHC, areas such as tyres, brakes, lights, suspension, mechanical, steering, electrical and exhaust will be thoroughly inspected.

The EVHC system produces a comprehensive printed report; detailing any identified work and colour coding it by urgency in Red, Amber and Green.

If your car requires any work, we will always quote you for parts and labour and not carry out any work unless authorised to do so.

Call us for further details or fill out the online form below

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