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Hyundai 5+ Servicing Offers from Sturgess in Leicester

At Sturgess Hyundai we offer our customers the best service. With a daily routine as most of us have, the car is vital, so maintaining it is essential. That's why Sturgess Hyundai recommends the full manufacturer’s service schedule as the best.

With Hyundai 5+ Servicing you will get the simplest servicing solutions for vehicles aged 5 years and older.

And why not build your own servicing from £89. Just see below what's included in your Hyundai 5+ Service:

Check operation of horn, wipers and washers Test condition of brake fluid
Check all lights for operation and damage Test condition of clutch fluid
Inspect all glass including windscreen and mirrors Replace air cleaner
Check operation of warning lights Inspect fuel system
Check feel and operation of clutch Check for fluid leaks
Check feel and operation of brakes Inspect automatic transmission fluid
Check for any available software upgrades Inspect manual gearbox oil
Check for outstanding recalls and/or campaigns Lubricate locks and hinges
Visual check of level and condition of fluids Inspect climate control filter
Check condition of all exposed belts Check Air Con system for leaks
Check condition of battery Check all systems with Global Diagnostic System
Check engine and related components for noise Replace fuel filter
Replace engine oil and filter Replace spark plugs
Inspect exhaust system Inspect transfer box oil (4WD models only)
Inspect steering and suspension Inspect front and rear wheel bearings
Inspect brake pipes, hoses and connections Remove road wheels
Check tyre condition and pressures Full inspection of brake pads/discs/drums
Visual inspection of brakes Adjust parking brake
Check operation of parking brake Check bodywork for damage and corrosion
Road test of vehicle

Interested? Then why not contact us. With branches in both Anstey and Leicester, there is bound to be one close to you.