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Hyundai Connected Car Platform

Hyundai Connected Car Platform

CES 2017 has started and manufactures are revealing their latest plans and products.

Hyundai are out in full force with an interactive experience showcasing its plans for a connected car technology.

The connected cars will offer greater comfort and enjoyment to tomorrow's lifestyles.

Hyundai have partnered with Cisco to create the safest and most advanced connect cars on the market. The venture will create a new platform to allow two-way communication between cars, road infrastructure and internet connected devices via the cloud.

Executive vice president of Hyundai, Seung Ho Hwang said ”At this year’s CES, Hyundai Motor will introduce the direction of development with Cisco and we hope that visitors fully understand what Hyundai Motor and Cisco envision for the future of connected cars. We are convinced that further synergies will be created as we combine Hyundai Motor’s connected car platforms with Cisco’s network technology.”
Vice president of the Automotive & Connected Car Business Unit and Cisco, James Peters said “When you think about how much time we spend in our cars, it’s exciting to consider what can happen when your car truly becomes intelligent. It takes sophisticated networking and integration down to the sensor - and security across the network level to make a hyper-connected car. By combining Hyundai’s leadership in automotive technology with Cisco’s strength in networking and security, we are accelerating the pace of innovation in this exciting space.”

The platform will enable scenarios such as fully autonomous driving and smart traffic.