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Controlling an i20 with Positive Thoughts

Controlling i20 with Positive Thoughts

This month Hyundai launched a new set of films titled Driven by Optimism. The films ask the question of whether or not the i20 can be driven using the power of positive thought alone.

The films used EEG headsets on participants which read brainwaves. This was connected to custom robotics and software that would then control the accelerator and brake. Positive thoughts would activate the accelerator and neutral thoughts would apply the brakes.

Head of Brand Strategy & Communications and Hyundai UK, Adam Nickson said “The Driven by Optimism series perfectly reflects our brand ethos - blending the latest technology with the human spirit to challenge convention and keep pushing boundaries. The series shows exactly what extraordinary feats the human mind can achieve and using our 3 volunteers we truly show the power of positivity”

The playlist containing the three videos can be seen below.