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Brits Drive Differently​

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Hyundai Car Interior
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Hyundai releases new research that shows there are 36,750 different ways to drive, with even the type of car you drive affecting your driving style.

The figure has been reached by identifying the six most important factors that impact driving style and developing a real life measurement for each.

The motoring manufacturer also commissioned a survey of 2,000 UK motorists to explore attitudes toward driving styles, alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), and common misconceptions about electric cars as society transitions to a zero emission motoring future.

The research revealed how British drivers currently identify their own driving style, with the top five overall being:

1. Confident - 28%
2. Fair and measured - 24%
3. Calm - 19%
4. Nervous - 7%
5. Aggressive - 7%

Men were more likely to label themselves as confident drivers (31%) than women (25%), while women were more likely to describe themselves as ‘nervous’ behind the wheel.

The survey also looked at AFV owners specifically, and their attitude to driving, and found that;

  • 92 per cent say they never beep at another driver
  • Over two-fifths (42%) slow down and let buses move in front of them
  • Over one third (37%) always ensure they thank other drivers on the road

But it wasn’t all generosity and courtesy on the road for AFV drivers. One fifth (20%) ‘amber gamble’ and speed up on an amber light to get through the traffic lights.

This comes as Hyundai marks its growing alternatively fuelled vehicle fleet which includes a brand new IONIQ Electric and KONA Electric, alongside the NEXO; a hydrogen fuel cell that cleans the air as it drives and offers a driving range of over 400 miles.

AFV owners were more likely to regard themselves as calm (21%) behind the wheel than their internal combustion engine (ICE) rivals (19%). This is possibly reflected by the tunes they listen to as they drive - with AFV drivers almost three times as likely to listen to classical or jazz music than those in an internal combustion engine car.

To further investigate how driving styles will continue to evolve as AFVs become more prominent, Hyundai has developed The Drive Different Test, an in-car test that analyses six core driving parameters set out by expert driving instructor Gary Lamb and compares them in a petrol or diesel car, versus an alternatively fuelled vehicle. Pupil tracking, facial recognition, heart rate and smoothness in using the foot and hand controls are just some of the metrics which have been incorporated into the ground-breaking test which is used to build a motorist’s driving profile.