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Bluelink® Connected Car Services on all models

Bluelink connects drivers to their cars through their smartphones via the Bluelink app, which enhances their driving experience and makes life on the road more comfortable, convenient and safe. The app allows drivers to check the status of their vehicle and can send remote commands at any time including locking and unlocking doors from their phone. The find my car function also allows users to find their car via maps. Later in 2019, Find My Car will also integrate activation of horn and lights so customers can easily see their car even in a crowded area.

Bluelink also helps keep drivers safer on the road by delivering push notifications to the customer’s smartphone if a vehicle’s security has been compromised or if the doors have been left unlocked. eCall is also now a standard feature. In addition to the manual eCall button, in the case of a more serious road incident resulting in the airbag sensors being triggered this automatically contacts emergency services, while providing assistance to passengers.

Hyundai will begin rolling out these services on its IONIQ range later this year, and will continue to do so across its entire lineup as part of product launches over the next two years.