Buy Tyres for Your Hyundai from Sturgess in Leicester

Sturgess Group is well established as the leading car dealership in Leicestershire and has been a trusted name in motoring for more than 110 years. So when you buy your new tyres from Sturgess Hyundai you can be assured that we'll understand your needs and help you make the ideal choice. As the Hyundai experts in Leicestershire, we offer an extensive choice of tyres for all Hyundai models.

Regularly checking your tyres allows you to quickly detect any signs that may indicate you need to change them. You should change your tyres immediately if you get a puncture, when your tyres are worn down to the legal limit of wear of 1.6mm or if the tyre shows signs of aging. If you're unsure whether your tyres need replacing then call into any Sturgess dealership for a free, no obligation tyre health check.

When it does come to finding replacement tyres, it can be difficult to decide on the best option, so our team is on hand to help. There are three key considerations when buying your tyres:

  • the speed rating your new Hyundai tyres need depends on the your average driving speed;
  • the overall quality of the tyre (durability, wear, ratings) that is needed to suit your vehicle; and
  • whether the local and/or regional weather patterns merit keeping two sets of tyres for different road conditions.

If you decide you want to buy larger wheels for your car, a careful decision about which size tyres will be suitable for your Hyundai is required. For example, when larger tyres are fitted, the profile and width must be reduced in order to avoid damaging the drivetrain. We will do all the calculations for you to make this decision even simpler.

To find tyres for your Hyundai and book your car in, just use our enquiry form and somebody will be in touch shortly.