Fiat Tyre Insurance from Sturgess in Leicester

What is Tyre Insurance?

Protect your tyres with insurance and avoid hefty bills for replacements.

As car tyres face a lot of wear and tear, they can easily become damaged, no matter how robust they are. By taking out insurance, you have the peace of mind that if your tyres become damaged you can have them repaired or replaced without paying the full price.

What is covered by the insurance?

  • Repair and replacement of damaged or punctured tyres
  • Run flat tyres (typically excluded from insurance)
  • Repair or replacement of two damaged tyres per year
  • Up to four claims for the duration of the insurance

£200 or £250 tyre damage cover

Both of these policies cover the cost of tyre repair and/or replacement if they become damaged while the tyres are insured (up to four claims). The insurer will cover the cost of replacement up to the maximum of either £200 or £250, depending on the policy you choose.

How long does the insurance last?

You can take out the insurance for either a 24 or a 26-month period. If you have reached the Maximum Aggregate Cost of Replacements before the end of the period, your policy will cease.


Your tyres are eligible for the cover if:

  • You are buying a vehicle that is less than five years’ old.
  • Your vehicle is maintained and driven according to the manufacturer’s guidance.
  • You are not hiring the vehicle or rewarding from it.
  • Your vehicle is registered within the geographical limits.


Vehicles that are more than five years’ old, or which have travelled over 100,000 miles at the start date of the policy are not covered. Motorcycles that have driven over 50,000 at the beginning of the policy are also excluded.

  • General wear and tear of tyres.
  • Damage caused by driver negligence, i.e. the tyre is driven at the incorrect pressure.
  • Vehicles that are not maintained to the manufacturer’s guidelines and servicing schedule.
  • Damage or loss or damage that is caused by fire, theft or a road traffic accident.
  • Tyres that are shown to be below the legal limit when the damage or incident occurs.
  • Tyres that do not carry the European E mark.
  • Some makes and models of vehicles are not covered.

To see the full list of exclusions, contact the team at Sturgess Motor Group in Leicester.

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