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The CD Slot Mount Holder Offer in Leicester

Have you ever wondered where people get those handy gadgets on their car’s CD slots for holding their satellite navigation device and phone? Sturgess Motor Group offers the award-winning British invention, the CD Slot Mount, for only £20.90.

Gone will be the days of your satellite navigation screen obscuring your vision as it hangs from your window, or inevitably falling off when you turn left at the next junction. Conveniently held securely in place on your dashboard, your navigation screen is in your line of vision and away from the glare of the sun. You can also wave goodbye to the sucker marks on your windscreen, which alert passers-by to the fact that you have a valuable item in your car.

The clever design of the mount is fully patented and does not affect the playing of your CD player and radio, so you can still listen to music while you drive. Compatible with any navigation device, including TomToms and Garmins, and compliant with the 2015 Highway Code, every driver can enjoy its benefits.

Or, upgrade to the C Grip Plus Holder which can securely hold mobile devices from 55mm up to 85mm in width and with a depth of 25mm. Thanks to the 360º adjustment, you can move it to an ideal position for you or your passenger.

To buy the CD Slot Mount or the C Grip Plus Holder for prices starting at £20.90, visit Sturgess Motor Group in Leicester or make an enquiry online to find out more.

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