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Fiat launches eco:Drive Social

Fiat has recently launched eco:Drive Social, a community of responsible drivers.

Fiat drivers are now able to share their eco:Drive results with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, and can earn 'virtual badges' that prove how their driving has improved.

eco:Drive Social is an international community of regular users of the eco:Drive app who want to share their results with others. Using eco:Drive, you can find friends all over the world, connect with them and share your eco-friendly performance on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Drivers receive virtual badges certifying their 'good deeds'' at the wheel and record your 'social ranking'. Drivers can increase their popularity by improving their eco-performance, by sharing their results on social media networks, and by involving new friends.

To get started, download the app via the Fiat website at www.fiat.com/ecodrive and connect using your Facebook or Twitter account. You need Blue&Me in your Fiat to use eco:Drive.

Fiat launches eco:Drive Social