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Alfa Romeo and Fiat at the Bremen Classic Motor show

The Bremen Classic Motorshow took place last week with thousands of car enthusiasts flocking to Bremen to view some of their favourite cars of all time. Visitors to pavilion 5 were treated to a line-up of prized Alfa Romeo and Fiat models in the "Eleganza Italiana" display, with cars sent from the museum collections of the two brands.

The Alfa Romeo Museum in Rome sent three sporty coupe models that were displayed throughout the show, whilst Centro Sticoro Fiat in Turin provided an exclusive example of the 8V.

Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva (1954)

Alfa Romeo and Fiat at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

Designed by Nuccio Bertone and built by Franco Scaglione, the2000 Sportiva on display was one of only two made. Franco was well known for creating BAT concept cars built on the Alfa Romeo 1900 Chassis and had been asked to produce a Gran Turismo racing model with the engine of the 1900. He came back with two body types, a convertible two-seater, and a coupe version that would later be names the 2000 Sportiva.

With a total weight of just over 900 kilograms the 2000 Sportiva was very agile and had great handling and with the 1900 engine tuned and fitted with hemispherical combustion chambers producing 138bhp it could reach top speeds of 220 km/h.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (1963)

The Giulietta Sprint Speciale was first launched alongside the Giulietta T.I in 1957 and was more commonly known as the "SS", well known for its futuristic design the SS could reach top speeds of up to 190km/h and held the top speed record for the 1.3 litre category.

The body, designed by Scaglione and built by Bertone, was famous for its aerodynamic shape having an effect on cars performance. In 1962 the Alfa Romeo Giulia T.I Saloon was released sporting a 1600 engine that was passed on to the rest of the range, with the 1.6-litre engine the Giulia would achieve speeds over 200km/h and went on to be known as the Guilia Sprint Speciale.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ "coda tronca" (1960)

Alfa Romeo and Fiat at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

The Giulietta SZ was built by Carrozzeria Zagato for gentleman drivers to race in the "1.3-litre Gran Turismo" category. The SZ could reach top speeds of up to 200km/h largely down to its remarkably low weight (740kg) and its fantastic aerodynamic profile allowed it to do amazing things on the track for a 1300cc engine car.

In total only two hundred and ten models of the Giulietta SZ were made, thirty of which had the Kamm tail fitted to add provide better aerodynamic performance.

Fiat 8V (1954)

The Fiat 8V was a remodelling of the original 8V coupe with only one hundred and fourteen were ever produced, when the concept was initially revealed at the 1954 Turin Motor Show its fibreglass body was a completely innovative and new product and the entire body only weighed 48.5 kilograms.

With a completely new engine to that used in the coupe, the 8V was perfect for the two litre category and was the race car of choice in Italy in the early 1950's and even appealed to the North American public.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat at the Bremen Classic Motorshow