Alfa Romeo Cosmetic Repairs in Leicester

Keeping your car in pristine condition is never easy - sometimes scratches and scrapes are inevitable. That is why we offer an extensive cosmetic repair service to Alfa Romeo drivers, approved by the manufacturer, which has been designed to help you return your car's bodywork to its original, pristine condition.

The Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) available at our Sturgess Bodycraft service centre in Leicester is an effective, affordable way of repairing bumps and dents without having to remove or replace any panels on your car. We can restore your car bodywork to its original condition while also revitalising the paintwork. 

At our service centre we can carry out the following cosmetic repair services:

  • Dent removal – Our advanced paintless dent removal techniques can remove irritating imperfections in instances where the paint surface hasn't been broken by the damage.
  • Chip and scuff repair – Chips to paintwork and scuff marks that are left alone can result in rust. When this settles, it can be hard to remove the damage. At Sturgess Bodycraft, we can completely remove all chips and scuffs.
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment – It's remarkable how a restored set of alloys can raise the appearance of a car. Let us remove scratches and address gouges to the surface of the wheel.
  • Upholstery repair – Repairs to vehicle seating, including leather scuff repairs and burns.
  • Vehicle personalisation - Including accessories, body kits, in-car entertainment and window tinting.

Our technicians are all Alfa Romeo specialists, ensuring we can offer the very best standard of work across all areas. To find out more about the cosmetic repair service we offer and how we could help you, get in touch today.

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