Feefo Gold Trusted Service


This is our premium service and includes all of the following items:

■ Check for any body defects
■ Check operation of lights
■ Check washers and wipers
■ Check brake pipes and lines
■ Check exhaust system
■ Check antifreeze content
■ Check drive belts (exc. cam belt)
■ Check all fluid levels
■ Check battery condition
■ Visually check cooling system for leaks
■ Visually check front brake pads and discs
■ Inspect tyres and set pressures
■ Report on tyre tread depth
■ Fit new sump plug washer (where fitted)
■ Drain and refill with engine oil
■ Fit new engine oil filter
■ Check suspension dampers
■ Fit new air filter
■ Fit new pollen filter
■ Check rear brake pads/shoes
■ Check and adjust handbrake operation
■ Check and adjust clutch cable freeplay (if applicable)
■ Pressure check cooling system
■ Check and adjust idle speed (where applicable)
■ Check air con system, report only
■ Check emissions, report only
■ Fit new fuel filter (diesel engines)
■ Fit new spark plugs (petrol engines)**
■ Reset Service Indicator
■ Authorised Service Stamp
■ Carry out road test†

† A short road test may not identify some intermittent faults

** Additional charges will apply

To take advantage of our Fixed Price Service options please give our Service Reception a call today on 01162 758 800