Spectacular European Reveal of New Alfa Giulietta

Spectacular European reveal of new Alfa Giulietta

Not one to do things small, the official debut of the new Giulietta was staged simultaneously yesterday with an international event in five cities across Europe. The central event was held in Arese with Turin, Paris, Madrid and Frankfurt also getting the spectacular preview.

The special reveal event allowed Alfa Romeo employees to enjoy the preview reveal of the new car along with an unforgettable night of music, fun and of course, ‘Alfa’ sprit by involving them as ambassadors of the brand for launching the new model. Videos uploaded by employees of the brand have gone viral on Facebook and Instagram and have turned the employees into faces of the new model.

The latest addition to the Alfa Romeo line-up is sportier than ever while still maintaining a classic family bond with the other models in the range. In addition to its unique features, the car is also equipped with a new 1.6 JTDm turbo diesel with 120 HP and Alfa TCT gearbox for an ultimate driving experience. In brief, the new Giulietta is ready to pick up where its predecessor left off, with the aim to please even more Italian design enthusiasts with its distinctive yet unmistakable design and even bolder sporty character.

The central event in Arese was held at the revamped Alfa Romeo Museum and featured British singer-songwriter, Skin, as Guest of honour. Many celebrities and guests danced to her DJ-set along with a number of FCA employees.

At the same time, an equally impressive and thrilling event was taking place at the FCA headquarters in Turin for over 5,000 FCE employees. Guest stars included Piero Pelù, DJ Ringo and Marky Ramone who staged an unforgettable performance all revolving around the new Giulietta.

The spirit continued at the other reveal events in Madrid, Frankfurt and Paris. Star of the evening at the Spanish capital Teatro Barceló was DJ Nano along with Los 40 Principales, who are the most popular radio station in the country.

Meanwhile in Frankfurt the FCA Motor Village lit up bright Alfa red with two new Giulietta models placed conveniently at the showroom entrance to welcome guests along with DJ Teddy O and King Kamehameha band.

Last but not least, the Champs Elysées MotorVillage in Paris opened to welcome guests to the sound of DJ Cédric Couvez, in a party atmosphere with a range of entertainment.

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