Alfa Romeo Giulia Front Exterior

Alfa Romeo Giulia Named a ‘Game-Changer

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was named a ‘Game Changer’ at the 2017 Autocar Awards, being said to have signaled ‘a complete transformation for one of the most loved names in motoring.

According to Autocar ‘Game Changers’ are cars that bring something new and raise the standards, "This is not only the most competitive Alfa Romeo saloon since the last Giulia was launched more than half a century ago but, crucially for anyone with Alfisti blood lurking in their veins, it's the most likeable, too. With its incredible performance and exciting handling, the Giulia is everything you'd want an Alfa Romeo to be."- Mark Tisshaw, Editor of Autocar

Developed by some of the best engineers and designers, the new Giulia has a distinctive Italian design, innovative power-strains, the perfect weight distribution and unique technical solutions.

"The Giulia has marked a turning point for Alfa Romeo, signalling a new era for the company where the driver is back at the heart of everything we do. Its engaging drive, five star NCAP rating, with highest ever recorded adult occupancy score, and impressive residual values has echoed across the brand, bolstering buyer confidence. The success of the Giulia has allowed us to expand the range with the introduction of the 280hp Veloce, bridging the gap between the standard Giulia and the Quadrifoglio. It also lays the ground for the introduction of Alfa Romeo's first ever SUV- the Stelvio - due for launch later this year." – Ashley Andrew, Managing Director FCA UK

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