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Alfa Romeo 4C: Discover it with augmented reality

Alfa Romeo has launched a new “Alfa Romeo InfoMobile" app, which provides their new interactive owner handbook and features Augmented Reality (AR) for their 4C model.

To make use of the new AR, simply download the app onto your smartphone device, either through App store or Google Play, and select the 'AR+' symbol. Then it's just a case of pointing your smartphone camera at one of the 4C's many features, and the app does the rest, providing all relevant multimedia content and information for you to choose from.

The Alfa Romeo InfoMobile app gives the owner instant access to information about their car, including Quick Start Guides about the main features, such as Alfa Romeo's TCT gearbox, the different driving modes available to them, easy use of the radio, and the 4C's innovative TFT instrument panel, all provided by a simple camera shot.

There are over 1,000 points of the 4C that the app can recognise, regardless of the angle or lighting conditions. Not sure when your next oil check is due? Just point your smartphone camera at the engine oil cap and the app will tell you when it needs checking and what type of oil to use. Perhaps you're curious about how the cruise control works? Simply point the camera at the cruise control lever and learn everything you need to know about it - it really couldn't be simpler!

Alfa Romeo 4C

As the information is cloud-based, users will always receive the latest information and versions available, without needing to update the app every time. In addition, users can also opt-in to receive messages or push notifications when new handbooks, new models and new hot spots are available.

This is just the latest addition to the popular Alfa Romeo InfoMobile app, which has been downloaded almost 95,000 times already, and which already boasts a large range of useful features, such as the ability to find your nearest dealer or nearest methane or LPG filling stations, and the option to contact roadside assistance to quickly receive help when you need it most.

The Alfa Romeo InfoMobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, free of charge, and in five languages.

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