NEW ALFA ROMEO GIULIA FROM STURGESS IN LEICESTER The new Alfa Romeo Giulia has been revealed and is more exciting than ever. Combining a perfect blend of sporty design, a powerful engine and advanced technologies the new model really ticks all the boxes.
Blue Alfa Romeo Giulia Side
Alfa Romeo Giulia Exterior
Exterior design Crafted by brilliant Italian design, the new Giulia offers simplicity, style and practicality all in one. The new model has been carefully designed to achieve a 50/50 weight balance thanks to its extensive use of lightweight materials. Aluminium has been used to construct the suspension, doors, wings, sub-frames and brake calipers. Whilst carbon fibre has been used for the bonnet, roof, prop shaft and front seat structures. Major components such as the engine have been arranged specifically between the two axles to make the car even lighter. Finishing the look is its slick ‘teardrop-shaped’ profile, with its rounded angles and generous wheel base to offer a dynamic yet beautiful car.
Technology & Control Not to disappoint the new Alfa Giulia offers faultless chassis and suspension. The suspension system is newly constructed from aluminium. At the front, suspension is in the form of a double-wishbone which also includes a new ‘semi-virtual steering axis’ to improve steering accuracy and ensure rapid, accurate steering. The rear suspension has a new multi-link system which Alfa has named ‘Alfalink’ and this smart feature allows for independent control of the wheels from the body. The rear will also contain a Torque Vectoring System with a double clutch which will enable torque delivery to each wheel separately for a safer and more enjoyable drive. A new Integrated Brake System will also be present to combine stability control and traditional servo Brake for what has been claimed to improve the “feel, responses and reduced braking distances”. The new model also has an Active Aero Splitter in the front system which provides higher performance and better grip. All these innovative systems are controlled by Chassis Domain Control which acts as the ‘brains’ of the on-board electronics to offer the best driving performance and pleasure in one.
Blue Alfa Romeo Giulia Exterior
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Interior design Beauty is on the outside and inside with the new Alfa Giulia. A high quality finish can be seen throughout the cabin with every detail being clean and essential to the driver. The interior is completely centred around the driver with the main controls grouped on the steering wheel for ultimate efficiency. For extra simplicity there are only two main control interfaces in the form of a rotary knob. One is for a new infotainment system and the other is for the Alfa DNA driving mode select system, revised for the Giulia to include a new race mode